The Mask is the New Face.

Always present in every society, often used as a means of connection with the divine, the mask has now become an engaging and confronting fetish and trend, a fear; straddling fashion and art, for a game in which being and appearing are reversed and alternated.

We explore these, and related themes in UnMasked. UnMasked features new body-centred technologies, creating a shape-shifting dialogue between Sharka Bosakova’s 3D printed performative objects and the body landscape.

UnMasked creates a rich and engaging space which will stimulate self awareness, question norms and enhance our understanding of how masks define and outline our social engagement and embodied selfhood in the age of the #Selfie and COVID-19.

Sunshine Coast Art Prize 2020 – Finalist

The UnMasked image, photographed by Thomas Oliver, is a finalist for the Sunshine Coast Art Prize 2020. It’s a striking image that is a centrepiece of our UnMasked Project.

UnMasked: A Collaboration

UnMasked is a creative collaboration of Sharka Bosakova, Mark Bahnisch, Thomas Oliver, Golda Guido, Megan Janet White + RAW Bodies, Paul Young (Orthotyp-a) and Robert Lort (Black Cactus).

We are extremely grateful to Arts Queensland through Metro Arts for funding from the StART grant programme, and also the wonderful help and generous support from QCA Griffith and Councillor Jonathan Sri (The Gabba Ward) Lord Mayor Community Fund

Thank you also to Tinni Choudhury, Erin O’Rourke, Joseph Burgess, Simon Turner, Doug Kwok, Tom Pakosta and to Print Systems Australia.