UnMasked is almost at the end of its stay at the Gympie Regional Gallery. If you are in the area, you can still visit the exhibition for the rest of this week.

One guest we were proud to welcome was Noosa Councilor, Karen Finzel. I am grateful for the glowing review Karen has given UnMasked!

I am also grateful to Rebecca Wang for sharing her thoughts on UnMasked with us as well. We look forward to a strong end for UnMasked at Gympie.

In my opinion, Sharka’s design transcends decoration and brand pursuit. Her designs are not only aesthetic, but also environmentally friendly and recyclable materials, future technologies such as 3D printing technology, and humanistic care; another feeling is to buy Sharka’s jewellery is not the end of the consumer event, but just the beginning, because her design is an invitation: an invitation to people to reimagine design, reflect on their own choices its echoing influences on the environment and others, and finally arrive at their own truth of harmonious co-existence with the world through Sharka’s offerings.

– Rebecca Wang