UnMasked Evolution: Hollows & Thorns

From 1st October to 20th October 2022, Sharka Bosakova undertook the Kaya Sulc Studio Residency with the Cooroy Butter Factory Arts Centre. The residency allowed her to evolve UnMasked and transition the project into its new iteration: Hollows & Thorns.

The residency culminated in an exhibition from 28th October to 4th December 2022, for which Sharka created new exhibits inspired by the surrounding landscapes of Kin Kin, Eumundi, and Maleny.

Additionally, a series of workshops were offered to the residents of Cooroy and the surrounding area. The workshop offered were:

  1. Deconstruction: Plaster and Movement with Ruby Donohoe
  2. Sound & Identity with Michael Norris
  3. Enter the Poetry of the Self: Butoh workshop with Megan Janet White
  4. Memory & Movement Emergence workshop with Gemma Wright







New Exhibit – Monoliths

Material: Textile, Concrete, Plaster

The Monoliths are standing eight meters tall, anchoring the exhibition space with strong visual manifestation yet a soft feeling of movement of breath merging two polarities.




New Exhibit – Shedding I, II

Material: Plaster, Textile, Steel

Underlying the project, titled “Hollows and Thorns”, is a desire to understand what we hide from and where we feel comfortable, surveying the patterns of flow occurring in the natural landscapes and in our own bodies. First of a series of sculptures – casted bodies with ‘Thorns’ that are placed within different emotional centers. Here Sharka explores how emotions have the ability to distort the physical human body, the matter.

The shedding is a physical representation of a dialogue of the self in the process of unmasking. In the process of shedding, the outer layers are peeled.




New Exhibit – Sound Path

Material: Wooden Frame, Stones, Sound Equipment

Here we are exploring the sense of hearing in relation to ecology and identity. Through direct movement and listening, and sound-making in the exhibition setting, this interactive piece invites audiences to crack open the space and feel through their own body.

“What do you hear? What sounds do you make?
This immersive installation will place you into a space of inquiry opening a complex network of questions from the perspective of hearing a physicality of sound.




New Exhibit – 4th Body

Material: Textile, Plaster

Time-based sculpture
The nearly soft sculptural piece is a direct result of the Deconstruction workshop with Ruby Donohoe. In reaction to the UnMasking theme, several bodies merged in an attempt to excavate relationships between the animate and inanimate, objectivity and subjectivity, and temporal negotiations of space.
Through communal invitation and physical action, we captured a process for tuning into the impulse, somatic information, materiality, and site.